Make Noise Cortini Collab - Bruxa Module

US Eurorack format - delays and filters      18/06/24

Make Noise has introduced the Bruxa module, a new Eurorack component inspired by Alessandro Cortini's music and sonic experimentation. This release, available exclusively through pre-order, will begin shipping to dealers in October. Contact your preferred Make Noise dealer for specific availability.

Bruxa is described as an audio alchemical experiment, transforming sound through a combination of multi-tap delay lines, feedback paths, and filters. It is a collaboration between Make Noise and Alessandro Cortini, evolving from the prototype circuits of the Strega's Time/Filter Experiment. Unlike Strega, which is a complete tabletop synthesizer, Bruxa is designed as a Eurorack module, encouraging users to integrate it into their modular systems for unique sound modulation and signal processing.

Key Features:

  • Echoverb Signal Processor: Derived from Strega, tailored for Eurorack systems.
  • Hybrid Signal Path: Combines an analog dry signal path with a digital/analog hybrid processor.
  • Extensive Modulation Capabilities: Analog CV inputs, audio rate modulation, and a wide-ranging Time control.
  • CV Outputs: Allows for self-patching or interaction with other modules.
  • Tonal Shaping Controls: Absorb and Filter controls to adjust echo tone and reflections.
  • Compatibility: Pairs well with other Make Noise modules like STO, MATHS, Prss Pnt, and modDemix.


  • Width: 18hp
  • Max Depth (including power cable): 48mm
  • Power Requirements:
    • +12V: 140mA
    • -12V: 90mA
  • Price: $399

For more details, visit the Make Noise website  and follow daily patch videos on their Instagram.

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