United Studio Technologies Unveils Replay Box

US Dual-transformer reamplification box offers clean gain with optional colouration      13/06/24

United Studio Technologies Unveils Replay Box

United Studio Technologies has introduced its Replay Box. They describe it as a dual-transformer REAMPLIFICATION BOX with industry-proven best performance and options, offering two unique sonic fingerprints and all the gain needed to raise the bar for all recordists. Here's the details in their own words...

As a dual-transformer REAMPLIFICATION BOX building upon two decades of experimentation and user feedback from early adopters of United Studio Technologies President Chad Kelly's re-amplification boxes built by hand before the company's creation, it is fair to say that Replay Box was effectively already industry-proven before its introduction since those early units became the secret sauce of top industry engineers the world over, their insights refining what is only now becoming commercially available to all.

As such, Replay Box's ultra-quiet design and flexible tone voicing is anchored around two independent re-amplification circuits. The transparent circuit features United Studio Technologies' custom-wound, US-made, 5043 step-up transformer; the associated TRANSPARENT mode provides extraordinary signal isolation and noise rejection for mastering-grade quality, while also accepting a balanced or unbalanced line level INPUT signal 300 ohms impedance to deliver an absolutely clean, isolated, unbalanced OUTPUT 1 K ohm impedance that is capable of driving any amp, pedal, or processor. Put it this way: with the transformer being wound to have passive gain, it has about 3dB of additional gain on tap above its already +4dB-rated input from a recorder or DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). With no active circuitry or other components involved, rest assured that users will get the cleanest gain possible on any re-amplification device currently available.

Alternatively, the harmonic circuit is for those that desire a little more colouration or fattening in the re-amp stage since switching into HARMONIC mode engages an alternate transformer specifically designed to add character. Indeed, its associated transformer is wound to offer a steeper gain ratio alongside a very gentle roll-off of the uppermost high frequencies, while also adding both harmonic and phase distortion in the sub-bass region, plus fattening the low mids to deliver a more aggressive and warmer tone. It is worth noting here that engaging HARMONIC mode changes Replay Box's input impedance to 50 ohms and output impedance to 150 ohms, while its frequency response changes from 0 Hz-20 KHz +/-0.5dB (TRANSPARENT mode) to 40 Hz-20 KHz +/-0.5 dB.

Duly designed from the ground up, Replay Box solved the two most common problems found in re-amping, namely, noise and low gain. Any and all unwanted noise is usually re-amplified alongside the musical content when re-amping, so most re-amp boxes currently available add some degree of noise and colouration to the signal, making it harder to achieve a satisfying solution. It is also fair to say, though, that most re-amp boxes do not provide enough gain to drive an amp well, which means that engineers need to rely on boost or pre-amp pedals; in turn, this adds additional noise, distortion, and unwanted character. Crucially, then, the Replay Box design provides more gain than will ever be needed, and all without ever needing to add a noise-inducing pre-amp or boost pedal. Indeed, its true ground isolation further ensures that users will not be plagued by ground-loop hum while re-amping.

But beyond its brilliantly-engineered internal design, Replay Box also sports an aluminium chassis that is built not only for the rigours of the road, but for facing hard-to-impress studio clientele. Clearly, its recessed front and real panel design provides protection from both studio accidents and on-stage flying kicks, while its screw-mounted removable feet allow for creative mounting options whenever needed.

Needless to say, with over 50 years of combined experience, the principal players at United Studio Technologies have literally spent years researching and developing Replay Box to offer the two most respected boutique pre-amp products in a single enclosure. Engineers not already in the know need now take note that the bar has been beautifully raised for all.

Pricing and Availability:
Distributed worldwide by RAD Distribution, Replay Box is expected to ship in late July 2024 with a MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) of $399.00 USD and an SSP (Suggested Selling Price) of €529.00 EUR (including VAT).

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