The MIDISID Beast: Eighteen SID Chip Voices!

US A C64-inspired mega synth      10/06/24

We've covered the MIDISID a few times on the site, with an introduction video as well as a Max4Live Editor for programming and automation. Here we have the MIDISID Beast, which knocks out a STUNNING selection of SID voices from 3 units, 18 Voices to be precise! MIDISID is an intriguing 6-Oscillator Synthesizer from Sheila Dixon, which utilises dual Nano SwinSIDs to recreate the sound of the classic C64 SID chip. Here's what she says: 

It has long been a dream of mine to build a version of MIDISID with 6 SIDs making 18 voices. The MIDISID Beast if you will. Here I hook up 3 regular MIDISIDs to test the idea.

0:00 The current 2-SID 6-voice MIDISID
0:25 The Dream
0:53 Testing the idea wit 3 regular MIDISIDs
2:09 Comfortably Numb
8:32 canyon.mid
10:35 passport.mid
12:43 Day of the Tentacle part of opening sequence
14:03 closing thoughts and invitation to Cambridge to experience The Beast


Excellent stuff, and we believe Paulee now has one too!

More from Shela here: MIDI IN


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