32 New Synths from Behringer

US What are you most anticipating?      10/06/24

Behringer have announced a huge amount of equipment over the last few years, and here is a comprehensive list of prospective releases for 2024  The list is divided into three parts - the minis and micros, the drum machines and the full size synthesizers. The list of included devices is below and features a wealth of mouth watering units... 

0:37 AKS Mini
0:58 CS Mini
1:19 Saturn Mini
1:45 Model D Mini
2:09 UB-1 Micro
2:33 CZ-1 Mini
2:54 BX700
3:21 Hirotribe Mini
4:06 Syncussion SY-1
4:32 RD-78
5:03 LmDrum
5:43 BMX
6:10 MS-5
6:33 K-2 MKII
7:01 JT-16
7:27 JT-2
7:50 Wave
8:14 Spice
8:35 2-XM
8:57 Proton
9:21 Polivoks
9:47 VCS3
10:16 Kobol
10:38 Polysource
11:16 Neptune-80
11:37 MS-1 MKII
12:08 Enigma
12:52 VS-80
13:17 Pro-16
13:51 Polyeight
14:18 OSCar


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