Call To Help Tim Exile During Cancer Treatment

US A GoFundMe page has been set up to help during this challenging time.      10/06/24

Call To Help Tim Exile During Cancer Treatment

After the sad news about Endlesss ceasing operation at the end of last month, the music technology community is coming together to support Tim Exile, the innovative musician and software developer and all round good bloke, known for his work on looping and collaborative music-making platforms like Endlesss. Tim is currently undergoing treatment for cancer, and a GoFundMe page has been established to support him and his family during his recovery.

Tim Exile has been a prominent figure in the electronic music scene, creating tools that have reshaped how artists create and perform music digitally. His contributions extend beyond tools like the Flow Machine and the Endlesss app, impacting countless musicians around the world with his forward-thinking technology.

The GoFundMe campaign aims to ease the financial pressures on Tim and his family during this difficult time, ensuring they can focus on his health without the additional stress of financial burdens. The music community's response underscores the impact Exile has had on the industry, with many expressing their support through donations and sharing the campaign.

Here are a couple of  ways you can help:

Consider donating to the GoFundme campaign at Support Tim Exile and His Family

Share the campaign on social media to help spread the word


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