Float Away With SoundGhost Cloud Reverb

US Create dreamy washes with blur and flutter      08/06/24

SoundGhost has released Cloud a new reverb plugin designed to enhance ambient music production. Priced at £15 - reduced from £19, Cloud combines long reverb tails with delay modulation, offering features such as pitch fluctuations, blurred reflections, and adjustable decay. It supports VST3 and AU formats, is compatible with both Windows and macOS, and includes native Apple Silicon support.

You know how we love a good ambient reverb here at Sonic Towers and they say that Cloud is:

Ideal for creating expansive, atmospheric soundscapes, Cloud provides a user-friendly interface for crafting unique reverberations.


  • ambient cloud reverb plugin (vst3/au)
  • expansive reverb with adjustable decay 
  • add pitch fluctuations with flutter
  • smoothen diffused delays with blur
  • dampen reflections for a darker tone
  • midi control and automation supported
  • plugin window resize functionality 
  • native apple silicon support

Sounds promising, they also make several other plug-in tools - anyone use them?

More info: SoundGhost Cloud



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