Hainbach + Look Mum No Computer Rotopops and Pipe Dreams

US Available for preorder on limited edition vinyl      04/06/24

Hainbach + Look Mum No Computer Rotopops and Pipe Dreams

Hainbach, a Berlin-based electronic musician known for his experimental techniques with reel-to-reel tape recorders and test equipment  and Sam Battle AKA Look Mum No Computer have released their  latest collaborations, titled "Rotopops and Pipe Dreams." This album represents another venture into abstract sonic realms, using unique and modified vintage gear, 4 track tape and their unique compositional style.

We spoke to both of them about the production in a recent Sonic TALK:  793 - Dirty Kling Klang


The album's unique texture comes from a blend of electronic synthesis and acoustic experiments, a style Hainbach and Sam have honed over years of production and experimentation. 

The limited edition 12 track vinyl version is available as a pre-order  campaign to fund the pressing  - for the next 16 hours. It starts at $27 and can be found   via Hainbach's Bandcamp:


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