UA Launches LA-6176 Signature Channel Strip

US 610 tube preamp, LA-2A, and 1176 compressors, combined into a single Unison-enabled plug-in      30/05/24

Universal Audio Inc. (UA) has introduced the LA-6176 Signature Channel Strip plug-in, combining the company's 610 tube preamp, 1176 FET compressor, and LA-2A tube compressor into a single Unison-enabled plug-in, available in both UADx (Native) and UAD-2/Apollo formats.

Bill Putnam Jr., CEO of Universal Audio, told us, "This is really a 'what if we just...' type of plug-in. It started out as a 100-percent faithful emulation of our original 6176 Channel Strip in celebration of it's 20th anniversary. But our team couldn't help but add in the LA-2A circuitry that we couldn't actually fit into our 2U channel strip in the physical world."

Here's more details direct from the company...

The LA-6176 plug-in gets its name from the classic hand-built 6176 Tube Channel Strip, a professional studio staple and an essential ingredient to the sound of hit records by artists including Coldplay, Adele, and Pharrell, thanks to its ability to quickly add warmth, presence, and analog vibe on vocals, guitars, bass, and more.

Unlike the original UA 6176 hardware unit, the LA-6176 plug-in lets users select between fast, punchy 1176LN Limiting Amplifier compression, and slower, gentler LA-2A Leveling Amplifier compression, a feature never before found in a UAD plug-in that lets music creators "tune" the channel strip to better match the source.

The UAD LA-6176 Signature Channel Strip is Unison-enabled for use with Apollo interfaces, precisely matching mic input impedance and gain staging of the original hardware for a sound indistinguishable from analog.

Key Benefits:

  • Record and mix with three of the most historically-significant pieces of analog gear ever made, in one elegant channel strip
  • Get the smooth harmonics and rich overdrive of a vintage UA 610 tube preamp on vocals and instruments
  • Instantly get the famous punch of the 1176, or the smooth warmth of an LA-2A, at the flip of a switch
  • Record in realtime with Apollo interfaces, putting three legendary processors in a single Unison slot

Pricing and Availability:
The LA-6176 Signature Channel Strip plugin is priced at $299 MAP, but for a limited time, customers can take advantage of a special introductory offer of $99 during UA's Half Yearly Sale from May 28-June 30, 2024.

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