Turn Serum Into A Physical Modeling Synth

US Francis Preve's Serum Models preset pack promises realistic acoustic sounds      30/05/24

Francis Preve has announced the release of his latest preset pack for Xfer. He describes Serum Models as a completely new approach to synthesis within Serum that leverages Serum's unique filters for Karplus-Strong and physical modeling tasks.

A spokesperson told us, "With Serum Models, users can truly transform Xfer Serum's synthesis engine into a functional physical modeling synthesizer for $29.00."

Here's more details direct from the company...

Designed by renowned sound designer and college professor, Francis Preve, this collection includes an array of acoustic sounds including Violins, Cellos, Reed, as well as plucked instruments like Kotos, Guitars, and a variety of fretted instruments. Also included are compelling recreations of exotic world percussion, ranging from Congas and Bongos, to unusual Asian drums.

By leveraging Serum's deeper filtering options, "Serum Models" focuses on synthesis techniques that don't rely on samples or wavetables. There are zero instrument samples whatsoever in this collection. Instead, the pack uses Serum's extensive comb filtering tools to create truly acoustic-sounding instruments with articulated performance dynamics via velocity, macros, and modulation wheel to shape the sounds in real-time.

As Preve explains, "Having used Serum since before its introduction, I've come to realize that its synthesis engine is capable of far more than what currently exists in the preset pack market. I've always suspected that certain physical modeling synths may overstate their capabilities, so I set out to demonstrate that familiar processing tools can also accomplish many of the same tasks as 'waveguides'. 'Serum Models' is  an example of how to push a softsynth far beyond its initial applications."

Francis Preve's previous packs for Xfer have garnered accolades from trusted industry journals like Create Digital Music and MusicRadar. "Serum Models" takes Preve's decades of synthesis experience to deliver an entirely new instrumental experience from one of the world's most acclaimed synthesizers, Xfer Serum.

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