Nomad Factory Updates 80s Spaces Reverb

US Version 2.4 adds 50 impulse responses from 3 new models      29/05/24

Nomad Factory Updates 80s Spaces Reverb

Nomad Factory and Plugivery Distribution, have announced a major upgrade to the 80s Spaces Reverb Plugin, now available in Version 2.4.0. Here's the details that they have supplied...

Key Features and Enhancements:

New Reverb Browser

The 80s Spaces Reverb Plugin now boasts a new Reverb Browser, providing access to all available Impulse Responses (IRs) and  new options for filtering by Type, Time, or Model: Find the perfect reverb easily by filtering IRs based on type, duration, or reverb unit model.

Select a reverb preset for your track and use the Reverb Browser to find the ideal IR that suits it while retaining the preset settings.

Added Impulse Responses and Presets

Version 2.4.0 brings a substantial expansion of our IR library and preset collection:

• 50 New Impulse Responses: Added from 3 renowned reverb units, increasing the total to 300 Impulse Responses across 15 meticulously recorded reverb models by audio expert Sabino Canonne at MoReVoX.

• 30 New Factory Presets: Also created by Sab at MoReVoX, resulting in a total of 510 well-organized presets.

Synchronizable Pre Delay and Gate Knobs

A groundbreaking addition to Version 2.4.0 is the ability to synchronize the Pre Delay and Gate knobs to the BPM. This feature is a game changer for DJs and remixers, offering precise control over reverb timing. that makes it sound like a rhythmic "Beat Tone Shaper" for more dynamic and creative audio shaping.

80s Spaces v2.4 Changelogs

  • Added 50 impulse responses from 3 new models
  • Pre Delay and Gate knobs are now synchronizable to the BPM
  • Added 30 new factory presets
  • Preferences are now updated instantly between all instances
  • Some preferences are now shared with all new Nomad Factory plug-ins
  • Updated user manual
  • Fix bypass behaviour on Cubase
  • Fix bypass on Pro Tools when instantiated in mono to stereo
  • Various fixes and minor improvements
  • User preferences will be reset after this update


Various Other Improvements

This update also includes several other enhancements to improve overall performance and user experience.

Pricing and Availability:
Free upgrade for previous owners.

An introductory promo is running on the 80s Spaces plug-in at $29 (LIST $179) through authorized retailers worldwide and at $35 from the Nomad Factory website.

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