YM2413-Based Generative Sequencer & Synth

US GREAT CONJUNCTION utilizes a vintage Yamaha YM2413 FM sound chip      23/05/24

Arman Bohm has released GREAT CONJUNCTION, a generative sequencer and synthesizer that utilizes a vintage Yamaha YM2413 FM sound chip for onboard sound reproduction. Here's the details in his own words...

GREAT CONJUNCTION creates melodic, chaotic, rhythmic, glitchy, soothing, hypnotic, curiously evolving atmospheres and polyrhythmic puzzles. It is a fast, engaging platform for generating ideas, exploring sounds/textures and bringing new life to stagnating gear.

GREAT CONJUNCTION is NOT a deliberate instrument. You cannot intentionally place notes or events in a sequence. Instead, sequences are generated algorithmically using one of three methods (pseudo-random, euclidean or cellular automata). Sequences have eight main parameters (with additional sub-functions) to shape the sound.

GREAT CONJUNCTION has three sequencers. Sequencer events can trigger the internal YM2413 FM sound chip, and/or trigger MIDI output to drive other synths/drum machines. The three sequencers compete to control the single custom instrument sound of the YM2413, sending it conflicting data, and causing it to manifest tones that would be difficult or impossible to program directly. These intersections are CONJUNCTIONS.

GREAT CONJUNCTION can be used as a nine-voice polyphonic synth, when connected to a MIDI capable device such as a DAW or MIDI keyboard. All YM2413 FM sound shaping parameters (modulator & carrier) are accessible from the device.

General Features:

  • 3 independent, 1-32 step generative sequencers
  • random, euclidean & cellular automata algorithms for event distribution
  • 8 parameters per sequencer (with additional sub-parameters)
  • variable evolution, per parameter, per sequencer
  • independent sub-division for each sequencer
  • monophonic or 3-note chord modes for each sequencer
  • free running or MIDI re-trigger modes for each sequencer
  • external key mode with 9 note polyphony
  • full control over YM2413 FM synth parameters
  • 100 preset synth sounds
  • 10 project save slots
  • full MIDI implementation for sequencer & synth parameters
  • independent MIDI In/Out for each sequencer
  • 12 knobs, 5 buttons
  • 20x4 backlit LCD display
  • Send or receive MIDI clock on USB or TRS-A
  • 3D printed, semi-transparent enclosure

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