NAMM 2024: - Melbourne Instruments - Nina Updates

US Nina gets updates, including scopes and visualizers      26/01/24

At NAMM 2024, we hooked up with Ian from Melbourne Instruments who introduced us to some updates recently bestowed upon on their synthesizer, Nina. Ian told us that they have added some fun features to the firmware, including scopes that display waveforms and an XY mode for visualizing stereo phase alignment. The biggest update, however, is the ability to modulate the morph between two sounds using the modulation matrix. Each of the 12 voices on the Nina can now individually control the morph through the modulation matrix, allowing for evolving and breathing sounds as you play.

Feedback for the Nina has been positive, with increasing popularity and favorable reviews. Melbourne Instruments has been listening to customer feedback and plans to release regular firmware updates, incorporating requested features. 

Nina Price 3,599 USD


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