Knobcon 23:Circuit Happy Missing Link Junior

US Sync solutions on the desktop      02/11/23

Back at KnobCon 2023, (yeah we know its been a while - lets just say there was a data recovery incident) Ed Guild from Circuit Happy unveiled their latest innovation, the Missing Link Junior.

The Missing Link Junior is the successor to the original Missing Link Desktop, which faced challenges in production due to parts shortages and manufacturing issues. To overcome these hurdles, Ed went back to the drawing board and completely rebuilt the device, leveraging the hardware platform of their previous product, ML2. The result is a clock generator with enhanced robustness, addressing previous jitter issues.

This new hardware promises a seamless clock output, ensuring precision in synchronization for music production. The Missing Link Junior features Ableton Link integration, allowing it to synchronize with other devices over Wi-Fi, even if they are not running Ableton Live, making it an essential tool for any musician looking to maintain tempo and timing consistency during performances. The device also boasts a handy safety feature that allows users to reset synced devices in case they fall out of sync. With a proper MIDI port and analog sync outputs, the Missing Link Junior offers a more modular-centric option for those looking to expand their music setup.

The product is expected to hit the shelves in two to three weeks, with a price tag of $240 USD, while the previous model, ML2, is priced at $215 USD.

For more information on the Missing Link Junior and Circuit Happy's range of music production tools, visit their website at Circuit Happy.

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