Cakewalk Coming Back as Sonar From BandLab

US Still Windows only for now      10/06/23

Cakewalk Coming Back as Sonar From BandLab

Bandlab are a brand that still somehow are under the radar, they acquired the Cakewalk code base  a couple years back and kept it going as a free DAW. But behind the scenes, their own Bandlab app and  browser based music creation DAW has been quietly improving, refining and getting bigger and bigger - they now have a reported 30 million users who all are taking advantage  of the free, cloud based services they offer as well as the many many sample packs they offer to get you  going on the music creation  path.

 Also behind the scenes, they've been reworking the Cakewalk code base from the ground up and now have plans to release the rebranded Cakewalk as Cakewalk Sonar and Cakewalk Next for the windows platform (for now).

These will ultimately be a paid offer, no doubt with deep integration into the world of Bandlab which includes powerful tools such as Music de-mixing, A.I. riff creating, mastering, collaboration and much more.

Pricing has not been set so we'll just have to wait until they are released. 

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