Plug-In Tribute To The E-mu SP-1200

US Inphonik releases the RX1200 12-bit Sampler Instrument      30/05/23

Inphonik has announced the release of a new instrument plug-in: the RX1200 12-bit Sampler Instrument for Windows, macOS, and Linux. This is the story in their own words...

After the release in 2018 of the RX950 Classic AD/DA Converter replicating the signal path of the Akai S950 in an effect plug-in, Inphonik is back with a new legendary emulation.

The RX1200 12-bit Sampler Instrument is Inphonik's take on the E-mu SP-1200, an illustrious sampler that no less helped the emergence of hip-hop and house music genres in the early 90s. Above all, the RX1200 aims to produce the same sound color that made its hardware counterpart celebrated. With its distinctive grit, crunch, and warmth, the RX1200 puts the inimitable 12-bit sound into the hands of today's producers.

Using their engineering expertise, Inphonik has modeled the hardware sampler's architecture to reproduce the characteristic lo-fi sound of the SP-1200. The RX1200 features the 12-bit resolution, 26.041 kHz sample rate, SSM2044 low-pass filter emulation, and aliased pitch tuning that gives it the classic sound and unmistakable character of its predecessor. Additionally, the RX1200 features an input amp emulation, allowing users to crank it up to obtain punchy drums in a non-destructive and efficient way.

Like the SP-1200, the RX1200 is a beatmaking sandbox tool, instead of being a standard, General MIDI sampler. It's a one-of-a-kind sampler ready to inspire your productions with experimentation, happy accidents, and that lovely distinctive lofi sound. By loading and editing their samples across 4 banks of 8 pads and moving the faders to tweak their note tuning, mixing volume, and decay envelope, the RX1200 users can dive into a unique performance workflow that inspired many famous producers to craft their hits in the 90s.

The visual design of the RX1200 is where you can tell Inphonik have taken their own path compared to the "OG" SP-1200. Instead of being a carbon copy of the original, the RX1200 boasts a re-imagined interface with a simplified, more accessible learning curve. Even if it shares the same overall look, the RX1200 is centered around the sample performance. Almost all other elements – the dialing numbers and many system function buttons – are removed. The reason is simple: as an audio plug-in, the RX1200 relies on the DAW and doesn't need to be operated as a standalone unit as the SP-1200 did.

The most obvious departure from the original is the absence of the internal sequencer. But the fact that the RX1200 runs as a plug-in inside a DAW makes it logical to use that DAW's highly sophisticated sequencer in the first place. Following their rethinking of the classic hardware, Inphonik chose to lift a couple of restrictions that were justified in 1987 but possibly quite less defensible today. The unrestricted sample length, the handling of stereo samples, and the use of a large visual waveform sample editor make it easier for producers who may not be familiar with the limitations of the SP-1200.

On the topic of samples, the RX1200 is shipped with a sound bank of 900+ samples packed in 50 presets. Furthermore, Inphonik will regularly publish new preset Collections for free to expand the RX1200 users' experience.

In short, the RX1200 is Inphonik's rendition of the E-mu SP-1200, originally designed by Dave Rossum and released by E-mu in 1987. With a couple of modern twists, the RX1200's purpose is to faithfully reproduce the 12-bit sound of the legendary original machine in a re-imagined, easy-to-use instrument plug-in.

E-mu is trademark of Creative Technology Ltd, SP-1200 is trademark of Rossum Electro-Music LLC. Inphonik and the RX1200 are not affiliated with these companies.

RX1200 features :

  •     12-bit / 26.041 kHz sound processing
  •     32 sample slots
  •     Tune/decay/mix settings
  •     8 assignable outputs
  •     Switchable 4-pole resonant SSM2044 low-pass filter
  •     Input amp stage modeling
  •     Unrestricted sample length
  •     Output channel setting for note groups and polyphony
  •     Stereo and mono sample playback
  •     Velocity sensibility
  •     Visual waveform sample editor
  •     MIDI chromatic play
  •     Factory Collection of 900+ samples and 50 presets



    VST 2, VST 3, AAX plug-in for Windows (Vista and higher)
    VST 2, VST 3, AU, AAX plug-in for macOS (Intel & Apple Silicon, 10.9 and higher)
    VST for Linux
    Rack Extension for Reason (10.1 and higher for Windows and macOS)

Pricing and Availability:

The RX1200 12-bit Sampler Instrument is available now for 29 USD / 29 EUR / 26 GBP / 40 CAD / 49 AUD / 3500 JPY, as VST, Audio Unit, AAX, and Rack Extension (29 USD / 32 EUR / 28 GPB).

Note that Inphonik has published the RX Bundle that gathers the newly released RX1200 and the RX950 Classic AD/DA Converter, an effect plug-in that mimics the signal path of the Akai S950. The RX Bundle makes it a compelling combo made for 12-bit sound lovers and is available now for 39 USD / 39 EUR / 35 GBP / 55 CAD / 69 AUD / 4700 JPY (39 USD / 43 EUR / 38 GBP for the Rack Extensions bundle).

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