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US Positive Grid announces new Tone Engine and updates for BIAS FX 2      26/05/23

Positive Grid has announced a new tone engine and exciting updates to its BIAS FX 2 guitar amp-and-effects software. They are available for all versions of the software, and as a free update for existing users. Here's the full details direct from the company...

The acclaimed amp-and-effects processor turns any computer or mobile device into a fully customizable guitar and bass rig. Intuitive, yet deeply powerful tools and a massive amp and effects catalog encourage sonic exploration and accelerated guitar tone creation.

Guitarists can now enjoy their favorite amps re-engineered with a new, dynamically detailed DSP sound engine, along with many other new features including Guitar Match II, IR Cab 3.0, Cloud access and more. Whether used as a DAW plugin for recording, or stand alone for guitar playing and tone exploration, BIAS FX 2 now features streamlined, memory-saving performance and an updated UI, to deliver more effortless drag n' drop tone shaping.

Ten beloved BIAS FX 2 amps have been re-engineered with Positive Grid's new DSP engine. Thanks to point-to-point precise measurement and dynamic tube distortion emulation, guitarists can now experience new rich tones and responsive dynamics. Classic versions of their favorite amps are still available, so all current user presets remain intact.

Cabs 3.0 includes 10 new custom cabinet IRs designed to complement the re-engineered guitar amps. Positive Grid's Fusion IR technology mixes top IRs for the most dynamic and responsive final result. The new, streamlined interface allows users to easily modify mic placement with a True Stereo mic blend and a Reality/Studio mode, which adjusts the output to fit the user's playing style.

The enhanced Guitar Match II instantly transforms users' guitars into a vault of legendary axes, delivering even more tone options. A collection of electric guitar models and new acoustic and bass models are precisely matched to high-end instruments down to their pickups, body type, and unique tonal characteristics. Dialing in the perfect tone is also now faster with Guitar Match Quick Mode.

BIAS FX 2's enhanced performance makes it easier than ever to build great tone, thanks to improved stability, optimized memory management and a 20% reduction in CPU usage. The new modern UI also adds sleek graphics and intuitive functionality, for improved visibility. Users can drag, drop, add and organize amps and pedals to create or change the order of their signal chain.

The Rewind for Auto Recording feature automatically records up to 10 minutes of the user's playing, ensuring they never miss an idea or moment of inspiration. Rewind makes it easy to grab, trim, and export the perfect riff to build upon later.

Positive Grid's online ToneCloud has been redesigned, with access to more than 50,000 editable tone setups, plus a new easy search, tone topics, and inspiring playlists. The modern visual interface makes it easier than ever to find any tone or share it with others.

Finally, the new Cloud Bank feature lets users backup, sync and access their custom presets across multiple devices through a personal cloud. Use Cloud Bank to seamlessly access presets anywhere – from home to studio; entertainment to live gig.

"We're thrilled to offer these new updates to users of all levels, and at no cost to our user community," said Laura B. Whitmore, Positive Grid's SVP of Marketing. "They allow guitarists to dig in as deeply as they want for tone exploration and experimentation, and are part of our commitment to continue to bring powerful and inspiring tone shaping tools to everyone."

BIAS FX 2 is compatible with Mac or PC. The updates are available immediately in all versions of the software, and existing users can update for free when they launch BIAS FX 2.

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