Superbooth 2023: Neuzeit - Warp

US Wavetable and additive synth module      12/05/23

Thomas from Neuzeit showed us Warp, a new monophonic synthesizer voice that features wavetable and additive synthesis. When connected to an expander, the Warp can also become a four-voice polyphonic unit. The oscillator has an XY grid that allows for intuitive drawing of frequency spectra and wavetables, with different locations creating different sounds, and the ability to create and save custom wavetables for use on other synths. The Warp has the standard features of detune, oscillator, and sync, and can create a range of sounds from glassy to grungy.

The Warp's most impressive feature is the intuitive and fun-to-use editor, where users can draw their own frequency spectra and wavetables onto the XY grid using various algorithms. The user can alter the transition and position of the sounds on the grid to achieve their desired sound, and the editor allows the user to load various wavetable files from an SD card. The Warp can also export the whole XY grid as a wavetable in different formats.

Neuzeit Warp Preordering now, Shipping September 2023. Price: 699 Euros

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