Keyscape Gets Double Felt Grand As Free Update

US Spectrasonics gift for Piano Day      29/03/23

To celebrate international Piano Day - on the 88th Day  of the year, Spectrasonics release a free update for their Keyscape instrument - this focusses on mechanical and electro mechanical instruments, or as they put it "collector keyboards".

The Double Felt Grand was created specially for Spectrasonics by  renowned piano technician Jim Wilson who discovered how to achieve the muted sound on a world-class 7-foot grand piano with a custom technique. Jim ended up carefully cutting, fitting, and gluing two individually layered strips of a thick, natural felt to each hammer. The felted piano technique is usually only applied  to upright models, with a layer of felt draped over the hammers.

Then it was lovingly sampled with Eric Persing at the helm in the new Spectrasonics private recording studio,  which features some of the largest naturally ambient recording spaces in Los Angeles.

The Spectrasonics software team developed lush new DSP reverb algorithms that are exclusive to this new Keyscape sound. The final result is the unique Double Felt Grand: a warm, soft piano with the best aspects of a felt upright, but with the body and the decay of a grand. 

Double Felt Grand is now included in the latest version Keyscape. All existing users can get the new piano as a Free Update by simply using the "Get Updates" button on the splash screen of the Keyscape user interface to download it.

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