Spectrasonics Twisted Trees Library from Maestro Diego Stocco

US Available as a Sonic Extension for Omnisphere      08/03/23

Sonic experimenter Diego Stocco has been at it again, many of his sounds have formed the basis of some of Omnisphere's more esoteric and memorable sounds. 

To create Twisted Trees Diego Stocco created multiple samples of wood and bark, branches, leaves and created a number of wierd ways to excite them, jut from basic hitting or scraping, to using WW2 tunneling sensors and a power tool. Diego Stocco has a very creative approach to sampling!

The heart of Twisted Trees comes from over 400 new deep-sampled organic Sound sources built entirely using wood and elements of nature. Diego hand-built an arsenal of other-worldly custom instruments from the ground up - including the Animal Drum, the Revolving Trunk, the Ghost Ship and the Fire Beast, to name a few.

Scenes store snapshots of the Custom Control and Element Mixer settings and give extraordinary new sonic variations per patch. Scenes can be user modified and they can also be selected via the left/right QWERTY arrow keys or via MIDI Learn/Automation for new ways of transforming a sound during playing.

Exclusive New Effects
Two brand new effects, Twisted Space and Twisted Root. are included These are brand new effects with custom DSP algorithms - which can also be used on any Omnisphere sound.

The new Sonic Extension is available via the web store at https://www.sonicextensions.com/ priced at $149 - a 3.6GB download (requires Omnisphere 2.8.5E)

More information: https://www.sonicextensions.com/twisted-trees/

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