Soma Factory Tour, Terra Production Ready - First Look

US We visit the Warsaw factory      17/02/23

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A couple of weeks back we were invited to visit the Soma Sound Machines factory in Warsaw, Poland.

As well as a look at the first production models of the expressive Terra instrument, we got a look around their place. PCBs and components are delivered here, the THD (Through Hole Design) hand soldered components are put onto the boards, any SMD (surface mount design) parts are sent off to the machine, units are tested put into the cases and shipped to distributors and customers.

We got a good look and play with the soon to be in production Terra:

Lyra 8 , Kosmos, Pulsar-23 and Ether are made here and pretty soon the new Terra will be too. Its actually a cottage style industry, surprisingly small but also very efficient.

Full disclosure: we paid for our flights, they put us up for the night.

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