Sonic LIVE MUSIC Event 11th March

US EMOM 2 - All Acts confirmed      13/02/23

Those of you who saw our first live EMOM (Electronic Music Open Mic) event back in November last year will hopefully be delighted by the news that we have another event coming up on 11th March.

Its going to be at the same venue  - Charlie's Bar at Bath City Football ground and follow roughly the same format - five 15 minute acts but this time with two headliners (MATTHS and MYR) doing 30 minutes each.

Acts confirmed are (final running order TBC)

Arkahtan - soundcloud
Ken Peel - Bandcamp
CALC - Chris Calcutt - Youtube
The Occupier  (Phil Barns)- Bandcamp
Bad Workman (Gaz Williams) - Youtube
Myr (James Waterworth) - Soundcloud
MATTHS - (Matt Hodson) - Spotify

We're extremely excited to do another event and hope to do more this year.

If you want to come along in person - tickets are available in advance at priced at a very reasonable £5.50 (inc. processing). You can also buy tickets on the door, but we do have a hard limit on numbers so advance tickets are recommended to avoid disappointment.

But we will also be live streaming the event as before - details of the link will be posted nearer the time.



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