Hazel Mills On Two Super Sixes

US Inspired by Steve Reich      13/02/23

Hazel Mills is at the controls of a pair of Super 6 synths from UDO Audio - the desktop on the full keyboard versions are linked together for a piece entitled Bloom.

Taking inspiration from Steve Reich, Hazel built this Minimalist composition by programming a simple, repeating sequence on the Desktop with subtle variation. Over time, with the addition of an intertwining arpeggio and gorgeous pad on the Keyboard, this progression accumulates and builds into an uplifting, hypnotic sequence, made all the better by a simple four-to-the-floor kick.

When paired together, the Desktop and Keyboard can be extremely powerful and immediate, making simple performances like this a joyous and playful journey in sound.

We hope you enjoyed the video, have a great weekend.

More info on Hazel: Hazelmills.com
UDO Audio: https://www.udo-audio.com/

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