The Prodigy Co-Producer Interviewed

US Neil McLellan's story from 1994 onwards      07/01/23

The Prodigy Co-Producer Interviewed

The Prodigy are one of the most revered live electronic acts of all time, and if you're a fan of their work you'll be interested to hear the story of Neil McLellan who co produced and mixed multiple albums alongside Liam Howlett. There are so many great stories about their work on numerous albums - as well as a Masive Attack collaboration, and track which got rejected for The Matrix soundtrack. Here's a short excerpt about Neil: 

My background was much more studio-based anyway. Most of the stuff that I learned was about how to really record something and how sound really works rather than from the bedroom, you know. And I think Liam really liked my expertise in that part of things because I could take something that he'd done and make it really fat. I love bass, and Liam's music was really based on its strongness.

...I have to look at Jilted Generation because of the way that we did that. A lot of things were done in Liam's house and then we took the main singles to Strongroom Studios, and there we did those in a big way. But a lot of that record was also done on Liam's Mackie board, his Mackie mixing desk, which at the time was the first budget-priced mixing desk you could use.

...Our entire RAM for that whole period was two megabytes -- that's two floppy disks. That was our data. Our sampling time was nine seconds on each machine. And we had two machines, but that was it.


Great stuff, the interview is hosted in two parts. Part 1 is here:

It's also hosted on Medium:

A documentary of the band is duet be released some time in 2023.

Official website:


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