Serge Modular Synth 50th Anniversary Edition

US Serge Paperface 2.0 is coming      20/12/22

50 years after Serge Tcherepnin developed a modular synthesizer system in California that would become famous as the Serge modular system, Serge himself is now bringing back the paperface system from 1973 in a redesigned and improved 50th anniversary edition. All functions, look and feel were preserved from 50 years ago, staying true to the origin of Serge. Panel graphics have been carefully reproduced with all its unique hieroglyphic aesthetics. The old adhesive paper has been replaced by an enamel-like coating. Behind the front panels, however, Serge tells us that he has implemented some astonishing improvements. For instance, says Serge, the vintage oscillators kept their original core, but were enhanced with excellent temperature compensation and 1V/Octave inputs that provides superb tracking up to 3kHz and above. Details like a balanced output make the raw sound of the Paperface accessible to professional users.

Serge had this to say,

"Designing the first generation of Serge modules in '72-'73 was a stab in the dark. Today, the redesign of these modules is like opening a door to a new universe. VCOs that track. Dual programmers featuring built-in sequencing and clock. Silver on enamel panels, yet keeping to the spirit and patch-programmability of the original paperface panels. Glad to announce the first of several 50th anniversary Serge panels!"

Pricing and Availability:

The first 2 panels of the Anniversary Edition ("Helios", a voice panel and "Tempo di Roma", a sequencer panel, can be preordered in January 2023 and will start shipping mid-January 2023. A 3rd panel ("Paris Flash") will follow in Q1/2023.

Price for each 19" panel (including enclosure) is € 2100 (without VAT) / € 2499 (including VAT).

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