A Modular Synth For Reaktor Blocks

US Toybox releases the Atomic Pack of 50 new modules      02/12/22

Toybox has released a modular soft synth for Reaktor Blocks. They say that the Atomic Pack is a revolutionary new modular synthesis playground. Here's the details in their own words...

The pack is a collection of 50 ground breaking and innovative new modules for Reaktor Blocks that are sophisticated and versatile enough to create any sound you could imagine.

The pack is based on two powerful new oscillators, the Atomic Oscillator is an additive FM oscillator that breaks sound into its component parts and provides a multitude of controls to reconstruct the sound at the 'sub-atomic' level! Deep cross modulation options between the oscillator's 2 additive engines result in interesting and unique sounds and timbres. The pack also includes a versatile wavetable oscillator with controls to warp and twist the waveform's harmonics. A powerful morphing filter and a suite of effects can be used to further sculpt the sound.

Features include:

  • Modular design makes quickly sketching sound design ideas quick and easy
  • Simple to use front panel patching for easily routing modulation sources, plus unlimited sound design possibilities available from the 'structure' view!
  • 30 presets included by Itoa and Cinningbao
  • Powerful oscillators including the Atomic Oscillator: a versatile oscillator block that fuses extreme additive synthesis with FM synthesis, great for thick, harmonically rich timbres. The wavetable oscillator block also features lo-fi modes which authentically model vintage digital convertors with gritty noise and jitter, great for old-school digital synth tones
  • Flexible analog modelled filter with a pre or post filter distortion circuit and ILO (infinite linear oversampling) wave-folding. 8 different analog filter models (Moog, Korg, Roland etc) can be selected and multiple filter shapes and styles can be flexibly re-ordered and morphed between
  • Four High-quality and innovative effect and processing blocks
  • Powerful modulation blocks, including a multi-breakpoint envelope, complex LFOs plus randomization and utility blocks
  • Change panel colours to organize and quickly identify sections within a rack.
  • A flexible snapshots system. Individual snapshots can be stored and morphed between for each of the oscillator blocks
  • State of the art dsp and analog modelling techniques

Pricing and Availability:

Intro price:  $45 (Regular price: $64)

More information:



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