Toybox Releases The Tangle Synth

US Semi-modular soft synth based on their Reaktor blocks      20/10/22

Toybox Releases The Tangle Synth

Toybox have released the Tangle Synth, a semi-modular soft synth based on their Reaktor blocks. They tell us that the synth is built from the cream of their blocks collections with a patching strip down the middle of the synth for quickly making modulation connections. The company says that, although the front panel is conveniently laid out like a standard mono-synth (think Roland SH-101), there are unlimited patching and routing options available from the structure view. In this view you can even add blocks from other packs, like Native Instruments own high quality Monark filter.

The Tangle Synth comes with over 100 patches included, all with full NKS mappings.

A spokesperson told us, "Fascinating and deep cross modulation options between the synth's two oscillators can be used to produce complex and rich oscillator timbres. Use the morphing filter with distortion, wave-folding and FM to further sculpt the sound with gritty fiery textures. There's a lot of unique sound design possibilities with this one."

Features include:

  • Oscillators take cues from contemporary Eurorack modules, including the Tangle Oscillator: a versatile oscillator block that fuses extreme phase distortion (twisting, warping, repeating and mixing basic waveforms for knotted and twisted sounds) with FM synthesis, great for thick, harmonically rich timbres. The oscillator block also features seven lo-fi modes which authentically model vintage digital convertors with gritty noise and jitter, great for old-school digital synth tones.
  • Flexible analog modelled filter with a pre or post filter distortion circuit and ILO (infinite linear oversampling) wave-folding. 8 different analog filter models (Moog, Korg, Roland etc) can be selected and multiple filter shapes and styles can be flexibly re-ordered and morphed between.
  • Four High-quality and innovative effect and processing blocks.
  • Powerful modulation blocks, including the Ramp Generator block (based on one half of the Make Noise 'Maths' function generator Eurorack module), three multi-breakpoint modulation lanes, 2 complex LFOs plus randomization and utility blocks.
  • A set of templates included based on common synths (like Roland SH101) for quickly dialling up basic sounds.
  • A flexible global snapshots system. Snapshots can be stored and morphed for each individual block or for the whole rack.
  • Bleeding-edge DSP and analog modelling techniques.
  • Works with Reaktor Player (no need for a full copy of Reaktor).


Pricing and Availability:
The pack is available at the intro price of $29 (normal price $45) until the end of November.

More information:



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