All-In-One Composer Toolkit

US Soundiron releases Core Micro      11/11/22

Soundiron has released Core Micro which they describe as an All-In-One Composer Toolkit. They say that it is a powerful compendium of sampled instruments, voices, ensembles, sound-design and cinematic effects built for Kontakt Player and NKS. The library is built for the free Kontakt Player version 6.2.2 or later.

A spokesperson told us, "This library includes a selection of orchestral strings, symphonic choirs, solo vocalists, pianos, organs, synths, winds, tuned percussion, drums, video game SFX, cinematic effects, stingers, atmospheres and ambiences. It's easy to build entire arrangements in any musical genre with Core Micro. Whether you are a composer, producer, songwriter, student, teacher, working on the road with a laptop or discovering new sounds in your home studio, Core Micro is designed to unleash your creativity."

Pricing and Availability:
On sale for $36 (MSRP $49)

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