Mackie Expands CR-X Line

US New monitors, soundbar and sub      21/10/22

Mackie Expands CR-X Line

Mackie has unveiled the latest additions to their CR-X Series of near-field loudspeakers, introducing the CR2-X Cube desktop multimedia loudspeaker, the CR2-X Bar Pro desktop soundbar, and the CR6S-X powered subwoofer. Tyler Vaughn, Product Manager, told us, "The CR-X Series has earned a well-deserved reputation as the most bang for the buck among compact studio loudspeakers. Now we're bringing that same great sonic performance and compact footprint to the gaming and multimedia space."

Here's more details from Mackie...

With a host of features including multiple connectivity options, touch controls, and more, the CR2-X Cube is more than just another desktop speaker. The smallest sibling in the acclaimed CR-X Series is by no means diminutive when it comes to sound. Incorporating powerful BMR driver technology, CR2-X Cube monitors deliver astoundingly clear and accurate sound that more than fills the room, while easily finding a space on any desktop or shelf.
The CR2-X Bar Pro is a premium desktop soundbar, delivering massive sonic performance in a compact, stealth profile that tucks neatly under your computer screen. Like the CR2-X, it gives you clear, true performance in a compact footprint using powerful BMR technology.  

Designed as the perfect companion piece to the CR2-X Cube or the CR2-X Bar Pro, the CR6S-X features a high-output, down-firing 6.5" woofer combined with a meticulously tuned port to provide the deep, punchy bass you'd expect from much larger systems.

The CR2-X Cube and Bar Pro offer a host of connectivity options for unparalleled versatility. Plug an analog source into the Aux input, connect digitally via USB-C, or go wireless via Bluetooth®. The CR2-X Cube's integrated front panel headphone output gives you privacy and personal monitoring when you want it, and the Bar Pro gives you integrated, selectable RGB LED lighting and a choice of three tone presets for Music, Voice, and Gaming. Both feature capacitive touch control for volume and mute, and a built-in subwoofer output and Subwoofer Crossover Mode that makes it easy to bring in more bottom end via the matching CR6S-X or any other subwoofer.

Pricing and Availability:
CR2-X Cube, CR2-X Bar Pro, and CR6S-X are available with a MAP of $179.99 for CR2-X Cube and CR6S-X, and $199.99 for CR2-X Bar Pro

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