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US Hoarding with style      05/09/22

Who doesn't like having lots of gear to play around with?! Sarah Lipstate (Noveller and guitarist and collaborator with Iggy Pop) definitely does in the interestingly-named 'Show us your junk' series from Earthquaker Devices. She says: "A lot of times, the magic of a pedal isn't immediately apparent. Sometimes the magic of a pedal is how it interacts with other pedals. So, I find having a personal library of effects is my new mode of viewing my gear." True! More info here:  

It's time for another episode of "Show Us Your Junk," and this one is for the hardcore pedal nerds and collectors. Sara Lipstate, a.k.a solo artist Noveller and guitarist and collaborator with Iggy Pop, takes us on a beautiful journey into her impressive collection of pedals and several cool guitars that populate her SoCal home. Sara also gifts lucky viewers with a few of her signature melodic ambient soundscapes.

Sara talks of her teenage years as an aspiring guitarist in her hometown of Lafayette, Louisiana, her collegiate years in Austin, and how she began recording as Noveller. Eventually, she blossomed into an in-demand, working, creative musician, meeting and performing with many of her musical heroes, including Sonic Youth, composer Glenn Branca and, of course, Iggy Pop. "It's been an incredible gift getting to collaborate with one of my musical heroes and getting to be a part of the long history of performing his iconic songs live," she says of her experiences with Iggy.

Pedal lovers are sure to utter several involuntary "oohs" and "aahs" as Sarah proudly shows and talks about the pedals featured on her living room shelves serving as "functional art." These include her beloved collection of Maxon and vintage Lovetone pedals and an Ibanez AD-80 delay. She also picks up a few favorite guitars, such as her pristine Ed O'Brien signature Stratocaster and her main guitar, a Fender American Professional Series Jazzmaster.


Quite a collection! More videos from Earthquaker Devices:

Sarah Lipstate's website:


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