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US LEWITT announces BEATKIT and BEATKIT PRO drum mic kits      31/08/22

LEWITT has announced new drum mic kits for professional and entry-level users. Here's their description of the BEATKIT and BEATKIT PRO...

The new BEATKIT is the perfect choice for entry-level users looking for the best sound quality on a tight budget. The package includes four fantastic microphones from the LEWITT range – one kick drum microphone, one for snare, and a perfectly matched stereo pair for overheads.

The DTP 340 REX kick drum microphone offers two sound characteristics, which help to get your preferred sound fast.

On the snare, we have the MTP 440 DM. This dynamic snare microphone earned praise by being the favorite of legendary session and live drummer Kenny Aronoff (Paul McCartney, Lady Gaga, Pharrell Williams, etc.).

The LCT 040 MATCH overhead microphones provide well-balanced sound. Via LEWITT's automated production processes, you get perfectly matched stereo pairs without paying extra. Their light weight and compact size make it super easy to position.

All included microphones complement each other perfectly and deliver fantastic results fast and
hassle-free. Available from September 2022, for $449.-/€499.-/£429.


The BEATKIT PRO is a premium 7-piece drum mic kit that offers everything you need for professional setups in the studio or onstage.

The DTP 640 REX kick drum microphone is LEWITT's flagship kick drum mic. It has three switchable sound characteristics to quickly find a great sound for live or studio applications. But there is more. Equipped with two phase-aligned capsules – dynamic and condenser, this mic lets you shape your sound exactly as you want it to be.

As the MTP 440 DM is the favorite snare mic of many acclaimed recording artists, it is also part of this premium package. And it's clear why. It delivers a depth and naturalness that will capture your snare accurately making it sound fantastic even without EQ.

The three DTP 340 TT tom microphones feature a supercardioid pattern for maximum source separation, and a very focused, punchy, yet natural sound.

The LCT 140 AIR stereo pair offers two sound characteristics, low-cut, and attenuation which makes them perfect as overheads. The pair is perfectly matched via one of the most precise matching processes in the industry to deliver perfect stereo recordings with great room impression and a centered snare. It has an excellent transient response which combined with the well-balanced sound captures your kit accurately.

The BEATKIT PRO comes in a super-sturdy mil-spec transport case ideal for storing and transportation. All microphone mounts, windshields, and clamps are included, and the latter don't need to be unmounted for storage, which is extremely convenient on tour. Never was there a more complete pro package.
Available from September 2022, for $999.-/€1099.-/£945.-


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