Best Service Announces Step Up Promotion

US 50% discount on all Crossgrades, Upgrades and Updates      19/08/22

Best Service Announces Step Up Promotion

Best Service has announced the Best Service Step Up Promotion. This is what they have to say...

From August 18th, 06:00 PM CEST through August 30th, 2022 our customers benefit from up to 50% discount on all Crossgrades, Upgrades and Updates (Best Service download products only).

  • 40% Off The Orchestra Complete Upgrades and 30% Off Alpine Volksmusik Crossgrades
  • Up to 50% Off many other Up- and Crossgrades (Best Service products only)
  • Upgrade to Halls Of Fame Complete Edition from any Halls Of Fame product (including Halls Of Fame Free) for only €/$ 49
  • Temporary Crossgrades for Eduardo Tarilonte's Dark ERA and Ancient ERA Persia
  • Temporary Crossgrades for Chris Hein Winds, Brass, Guitars & Bass libraries
  • Crossgrade to The Orchestra Complete for users of a Complete Orchestral Collection
  • .... and more ....

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