AMD Support for GPU Audio

US Beta suite of plugins and Apple support on the way      07/07/22

AMD Support for GPU Audio

GPU Audio have announced support for AMD graphics cards after forming a working collaboration with the manufacturer.  Their free FIR Convolution Reverb has been updated with other bug fixes and improvements - but the main focus is AMD support, an impressive technical milestone detailed below. They've formed a similar partnership with NVIDIA, and more recently Apple which they plan to roll out support for in the coming months. A full beta suite of plugins and an SDK are both on the way soon.

They note this is an early access release so for AMD users, it's essential to follow the install steps provided in the readme file available here.

GPU Audio have updated their Early Access FIR Convolver, adding AMD GPU support - a formidable feat, given the complexity and diversity of architecture within AMD graphics cards. Designed in conjunction with AMD themselves, GPU Audio have realised this unique collaboration through co-ordinated exchanges of prepared code created specifically for implementation and optimisation on their platform. 

This technical milestone has been achieved through hours of goal-oriented collaboration, diagnostic testing, and cross platform checks, with the GPU Audio team adapting their code to embrace the variance in AMD graphics cards. Their journey continues with preparations under way to support Apple systems very soon, expedited by another close affiliation with the company themselves.

With support for a range of AMD graphics cards now on offer (detailed below) and an official partnership with NVIDIA supporting all 10 Series and upwards graphic cards - they're bringing GPU audio processing to millions of people, on tuned hardware which has up until now been unutilised in music production and audio DSP. 

Further updates to the early access plugin have been made alongside this, including superior support for sample rates/buffer configurations, OBS compatibility, faster rendering and more. 

They've released an update video on their Youtube channel:

Download their updated Early Access plugin here 

They encourage anyone trying the tech to join their Discord channel - which hosts weekly AMAs, bug reporting and feedback. Tomorrow's AMA (08/07/22) is with Jeremy Krinitt, NVIDIA's Senior Developer Relations Manager, join in the discussion 6pm UK time here.


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