Portable MIDI Performance Controller

ESI launches the Xjam      21/06/22

Portable MIDI Performance Controller

ESI has launched the Xjam, which they describe as a new extremely portable MIDI performance controller featuring a solid aluminum chassis and ultra sensitive pads. The compact unit (200 x 135 x 26 mm) features a matching design to the Xkey series of MIDI controller keyboards previously made popular by CME.

Claus Riethmüller, CEO of ESI, told us, "We are excited to expand the mobile music category with Xjam - not only for the global Xkey community."

Here's some details direct from ESI...

Xjam provides 16 RGB pads with polyphonic aftertouch in a 4x4 matrix plus 6 endless encoders that can be used in 48 configuration scenes. Virtually any common type of MIDI messages can be assigned to each of these controls and editing can be done quickly and directly on the hardware. ESI also provides a powerful editing software for Mac, PC and iPad that helps to monitor MIDI data and configure Xjam to the specific needs very comfortably.

While Xjam connects via USB-C to the computer and works as a fully bus-powered device, it also features a TRS MIDI output to send signals to any other MIDI gear. An additional connector for an optional foot switch is provided as well.
Besides the editing tool, Xjam ships with a powerful software package incl. Bitwig Studio 8-Track, Cubasis LE (for iPad) and WaveLab LE.
Xjam is now already shipping to retailers in Europe.
In North America, Xjam will be offered in close partnership by Artesia Pro. Headquartered in San Diego (CA), Artesia Pro is a leader in electronic musical instruments and music production equipment, mobile and home pianos, electronic percussion and audio recording gear.
Due to the ongoing global logistical challenges, it will be available later this year in other parts of the world.

Key Features

  •     versatile and flexible with a slim design
  •     16 ultra sensitive pads with polyphonic aftertouch
  •     3-color pad indicators for velocity and edit/setup operation
  •     6 endless rotary encoders
  •     48 user-programmable scene presets, which can be recalled instantly
  •     bus-powered: requires no batteries or power supply when connected via USB-C
  •     supports all major DAWs
  •     TRS 3.5mm MIDI out
  •     standalone operation possible without computer and only USB power
  •     USB-C to USB-A cable included
  •     1/4" thread to fix it to a stand
  •     free editor software for Mac, PC and iPadOS
  •     includes Bitwig Studio 8-Track, Cubasis LE, Wavelab LE

Pricing and Availability:

149 EUR.

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