NAMM 22: New Realitone Nightfall String Library

US Pre-release of the new hybrid library      09/06/22

Realitone were showing their just released Nightfall - an enhanced string library which takes elements of their  Sunset String Library which used top L.A. session players at the renowned Studio  at United Recording in Hollywood. They started by using elements that were not included in those original sessions adding additional processing and expression possibilities for a more Hybrid String library.

Introductory price $129, final price $199.

It requires Kontakt 6.2.1 or higher (pre-release version) but will work in the Kontakt player when it has been officially released - free upgrade. There's also a bundle for both Sunset Strings and Midnight Stings.

They put it in words only they could have written ;-)

Nightfall is an organic/hybrid strings toolkit that takes the raw sounds of Realitone's award-winning Sunset Strings, and makes them prettier ... and uglier - yielding sustains, drones, textures, loops, and shorts.  Using Realitone's unique Mod Wheel controlled 2-Layer system, a composer can create soundscapes bringing in drama or tension on the fly. Only a total dumbass wouldn't want this! 


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