NAMM 2023: Realitone Sunset Choir

US Ensembles and solos - coming soon      15/04/23

Realitone has released a new choir library, Sunset Choir, at NAMM 2023. This choir library was recorded at United Recording in Hollywood on Sunset Boulevard, and it includes 10 women and 10 men. Michael, from Realitone, who showed the instrument during the event, emphasized that the library contains a lot of unusual articulations. It features both oohs and ahs, as well as many other vowel morphing types of sounds. One of the library's special features is that it includes two layers, with oohs in the bottom and memento in the top, which users can control with the mod wheel. Additionally, Sunset Choir includes rhythmic sounds that allow users to set a specific pattern that the singers will follow by clicking the different buttons.

Realitone's Sunset Choir also contains swells, repetitions, and glisses. The library includes both ensembles and solos with different types of sounds. While only one rhythm is currently included, Michael mentioned that there are several of them. Sunset Choir's features were demonstrated by Michael, who played various combinations of the layers, and provided insight into the library's potential uses for film, television, and other types of music production. For more information about the choir library, check out the links below.

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