NAMM 22: Who's Ready For Oeksound Soothe Live?

US A lot of people apparently - coming soon      05/06/22

A realtime processing version for the Oeksound Soothe plug-in is on its way. Many people are using Soothe to run on their mixes or busses or channels. Its a dynamic resonance suppressor, a favourite secret weapon of Andrew Huang...

Soothe Live is (or will be) designed to run in real-time for a Live sound production to bring the latency down (from around 250ms) down to 1ms in the current development build, Thats a heck of reduction and makes it viable for use in live productions.
Soothe Live will first be available for AVID S6L and AVID HDX cards to run live on the console. It will be Windows only initially as that is the OS these live systems use.
No price available yet on Soothe Live - aiming to release in the Autumn this year

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