NAMM 22: Conductive labs - MRCC Xpander 4X1 And Micro 88

US MRCC gets additional ins and outs and a little sibling      04/06/22

The Conductive Labs MRCC is a MIDI router with 11 inputs and 17 outputs, including 5 PIN DINs, 3.5MM MIDI jacks in both flavors, 4 USB host ports, and a USB MIDI class compliant client (PC, Mac, tablet, etc.) connection with 12 MIDI ports, though it can function without a computer.

Darryl introduced us to the MRCC Xpander 4X1, which gives an additional 4 DIN inputs and 1 DIN out to the MRCC, and also functions as a class-compliant usb interface allowing for 4 outs and one in or it can merge 4 ins into one out

For those of us with the need for fewer ins and outs, Darryl also introduced the Micro 88, a slimmed-down MRCC with 4 DIN ins and outs, 2 TRS-A MIDI jacks, virtual USB MIDI ports, clock filter, channel splits and, in response to public demand, a power switch.

Conductive Labs Xpander 4X1 and Micro 88 Available: August 22

Xpander 4X1 Price: 79 USD

Micro 88 Price: 149 USD

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