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BEATS FM is described as the ultimate noise machine      31/05/22

New on Indiegogo is BEATS FM from X Audio Systems in Italy, who describe it as an experimental all-in-one stereo analog synthesizer, processor and sync unit with FM/AM/SW radio. A spokesperson told us, "The instrument offers a new approach to music and sound creation, that no other instrument can offer."

Here's the details direct from the company...

The BEATS FM is a project that started in 2020 and has gone through 4 revisions. Built out of pure passion by our team in Italy, it's an experimental all-in-one stereo synthesizer and audio processor, with a warm analog sound and many sync options. Designed for exploring and designing new sounds and noise textures for studio or for live performance. Packed with modulating, sync and processing power. Complete analog audio path, with the addition of a digital delay. The equivalent of 8 modules enclosed in an elegant, high-quality beech/aluminum case with an antenna.

We want to give everybody the possibility to participate in the creation of this unique machine. We feel that the world needs new options when it come to music production and sound exploration. The spontaneous and versatile nature of the BEATS FM, together with it's warm analog sound is designed to be a center piece to a number of music studios worldwide.

This is the first ever production run of this unit, and nobody knows if there will be further developments in the future. It all depends on the support that all the backers will bring to this project. Our goal is to produce as many units as possible. Satisfaction of every backers is our main priority. Thanks to you, this project is already a reality! Every backer will receive a one-of-a-kind, hand-assembled, individually numbered, limited edition BEATS FM with power supply, antenna and user's manual.


  • 1 x stereo wide-band FM/AM/SW radio with LFO modulated tuner knob
  • 2 x analog 4-pole low-pass filters (clones of CEM3320, the chip used in the Prophet 5) with self-oscillating resonance and LFO modulation
  • 4 seconds of stereo digital delay with time control, feedback, tone, sync and panning with LFO modulation
  • 1 x LFO with 16 different "bendable" waveforms with rate, multiplier and polarity
  • 1 x Sync unit to lock the LFO to: 1-audio click track, 2-analog clock, 3-tap tempo
  • 2 x analog 2-pole high-pass filters
  • 1 x effects mixer
  • 2 x external audio inputs with overdrive

Pricing and Availability:
From  €725 EUR.

More information:





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