Behringer Announces SPACE FX

US Eurorack stereo effects module offers 32 effect algorithms with up to 3 adjustable parameters      25/04/22

Behringer has posted this video of SPACE FX which they describe as a 24-bit digital stereo effects module, powered by KLARK TEKNIK. It's another one of their products that they say will ship immediately soon as they receive the chips required to put this into production. Here's more details in the company's own words...

Installed with 32 effect algorithms with up to 3 adjustable parameters. SPACE FX delivers 15 reverb types including rooms, chambers, halls, plates, and springs.

8 different delay and modulation effects including echo, chorus, flanger, phaser, and tremolo; as well as special effects such as pitch shifter, talkbox, LFO filter, and clipper distortion just to name a few.

SPACE FX also includes combinations of the different effect types for further sonic manipulation. Fitted with a tap button for manual syncing of delays and other time-based effects as well as an LCD display for easy viewing of program selections and parameter settings.

Even if you're not fully committed to Eurorack, SPACE FX can be the perfect partner to any of our Eurorack compatible synthesizers when paired up with the Behringer EURORACK-104 case and Behringer CP1A Power Supply.

*Finalised design will feature a high/low input level switch instead of the FX On/Off switch shown in this video.

Pricing and Availability:
Estimated price - $49 USD

More information:



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