Oberheim - Welcome Back

US Something is brewing      12/04/22

3 guys meet in a bar and drink Tequila. So what? 
Well,  when its Dave Smith, Tom Oberheim and Marcus Ryle (former Oberheim employee), then maybe we should take notice. 

The video released today is titled Welcome Back. And I guess that infers that something is coming and it may well be Oberheim branded.

You heard that right: Oberheim is back.
And a new chapter is about to begin. Brought to you by Tom Oberheim, former Oberheim engineers Marcus Ryle (co-founder of Line 6/co-creator of the ADAT) and Tony Karavidas, with Sequential's Dave Smith and his team.
Visit oberheim.com to sign up for updates on what's in the works.
And get ready to party like it's 2099. ----------------------------------------------
Video Cast: Tom Oberheim, Marcus Ryle, Dave Smith, and Tony Karavidas. Music by Julian (J3PO) Pollack

Ooh. We cant say we're not intrigued and look forward to whatever it may be. Tom Oberheim got his trademark back and now it looks like people are mobilizing to do something....

Nice to hear some good news. And can we have some of those cool Oberheim beer mats please?


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