Imitone: Audio To MIDI Updated

US Now easier for live performances      02/04/22

Imitone: Audio To MIDI Updated

Imitone is a voice to MIDI plugin for turning your singing, talking (or other sounds) into MIDI notes to apply to synths and other VST instruments. It's available for Mac and PC and has just had an update which takes it to Beta version 0.11.01 - focusing on making live performance easier. Here are the changes:

New Features:

imitone studio users have more control over vibrato.
Vibrato range can be 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 or 12 semitones.
Mapping button cycles CC1, CC78 or aftertouch messages.
Added a button to refresh the list of audio devices.
imitone studio can now save and load multi-voice setups.
Settings may now be saved and loaded using the keyboard.
Use control-S and control-O on PC.
Use command-S and command-O on Mac.
imitone studio can save full multi-voice setups.
'Retry' refreshes device list when loading full setups.


Moved to a new JSON format for settings.
Auto-saved settings are restored more thoroughly at start-up.
Multi-voice setups may optionally be restored.
'Safe mode' restoring is now optional via a yes/no prompt.
'Safe mode' loads settings even if no audio is set up.
Settings are no longer lost when audio is disconnected.
Most settings can be changed even if audio is not set up.
Improved tooltips for multi-voice setup.
Pitch Bend Range button is more visible.


Full details on the update at the imitone community forum:

Get Imitone here:


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