Podcast: Sonic TALK 2021 Quizmas Edition

US 50 Questions, many answers      23/12/21

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126:44 mins

Yes its that time of year again, if you want to play along - the picture round is here:


  • Gaz Williams - Producer, bassplayer, music technologist
  • Rich Hilton - Nile Rodgers Studio guy, keyboards for Chic
  • Robbie Bronnimann  - producer, composer, performers
  • Dave Spiers-synthexpert, GForceSoftware.com
  • Dominic Hawken-producer, keyboard player, songwriter,developer

Plus quest appearances from : Divkid, Bo Beats, Red Means Recording, Molten Music Technology, Georgie Ward, Mylar Melodies, Claudio, Richard Barbieri and Battery Operated Orchestra

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 00:27:08 Round 1 Questions: This Years Gear
00:39:44 Albums and Singles>Round 2 Questions
00:50:34 Pick of the year
00:59:38 Round 1 Answers
01:06:23 Round 2 Answers
01:06:25 Round 2 Answers
01:17:01 Round 3 Questions
01:17:18 Divkid Question
01:18:25 Bo Beats Question
01:19:56 Georgie Ward Question
01:20:54 Claudio Question
01:21:54 Robin Vincent Question
01:23:25 Richard Barbieri Question
01:25:50 Hainbach Question
01:04:48 Mylar Melodies Question
01:26:30 Red Means Recording Question
01:29:13 Battery Operated Orchestra Question
01:39:07 Round 3 Answers
01:52:46 Round 4 Questions
02:03:31 Round 4 Answers
02:11:58 Round 5 Answers

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