TRIAZ: A Next Generation Drum Machine

US Wave Alchemy release feature-loaded plugin      22/12/21

Wave Alchemy have just announced TRIAZ, a brand new drum machine which offers intuitive layering, 10,000 drum sounds, the ability to load your own sounds, and a unique blend control. It's extensive features are detailed below:

TRIAZ is a forward-thinking drum machine driven by a diverse and creative library of all-new modern electronic and acoustic drum sounds, percussion, and sound design tools; Comprising over 10,000 samples and 600+ instantly playable presets created using an extraordinary array of drum machines, acoustic drums & percussion, modular synths, found sounds, studio tools, Foley and more.

TRIAZ delivers a powerful 3-Layer Drum Engine with a compelling interface and creative user workflow. Polyrhythmic, organic Drum Sequencing allows you to create beats with real swing and groove that never repeat the same way.

Extensive sound design parameters, linkable or per layer, are both powerful and streamlined for lightning-fast workflow. Tag-based dynamic sample browsing, drag and drop sample import, creative kit randomization and a powerful Effects System provide an unmatched workflow for modern drum production.

Feature List

  • Available in Standalone, VST, AU and AAX formats. TRIAZ is powered by FREE Kontakt Player from Native Instruments. Full version of Kontakt is NOT required
  • Brand new engine built entirely from the ground up to enable multiple instances and efficient CPU & RAM usage on any system
  • Innovative Drum Engine driven by a diverse library of all-new modern electronic and acoustic drum sounds, percussion, and sound design tools
  • 600+ beautifully designed, production-ready presets for modern music
  • Intuitively layer drums in a new, truly unparalleled way using the visual XY Pad
  • Expressive 32-step Polyrhythmic sequencing with independent playback rate and step-length. Per Lane
  • Introduce variable groove humanization and organically varied movement to your beats with Sequencer Slop
  • Sequencer note repeat / stutter, probabilistic chance and start offset. Per Step
  • Import your own samples via Drag + Drop
  • Creative randomization features let you build new drum kits at the click of a button – select a preset and instantly change it into something brand new and immediately usable
  • Create drums that sound as good, if not better than those on hit records - instantly, out of the box
  • Dynamic sound source browser with intuitive tagging and favourites system
  • Extensive sound design parameters; filters, envelopes, reverse, LFOs, tone-shaping controls, modulation, FX and much more. Per Layer
  • Channel FX and master bus processing featuring high-end compression, master EQ, creative noise engine and tape simulation
  • Creative Analogue Slop controls simulate the random behavior and character inherent of analogue instruments. Available per Layer
  • Play any sound over a 2-octave range of pitch to create musical percussive rhythms, pitched tom fills or anything in-between
  • Breath-taking effects suite; plate reverb, analogue-style delay, and 40 high-end custom reverb impulses from sought-after reverb units and live spaces
  • MIDI drag + drop sequencer patterns directly to your DAW
  • Multi-Output support
  • Sequencer Host Sync and on-screen transport control
  • Master bus processing featuring compression, master EQ and tape simulation
  • Dedicated visual Mixer with individual volume control, pan, and effects sends for each Voice
  • Host automation for all important sound design parameters
  • Seamless Integration with your DAW
  • NKS Ready
  • Supports Mac OS X 10.13 (or higher) and Windows 7 (or higher)
  • Runs in Kontakt Free Player or Kontakt version 6.6 (or higher)
  • 3GB in size after unpacking


Here are some preset examples:

It has an introductory offer with 20% off the RRP which ends on 21st January 2022. It also comes with a money back guarantee from 7 days of purchase!

Find out more on the product page:


About the author [midierror]: midierror makes nifty Max For Live devices, innovative music hardware, award winning sample packs and hosts a podcast speaking to people in the music world.

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