100 Monologue Patches

US Neural Patches releases Pressure for the Korg Monologue      21/12/21

Neural Patches has released Pressure, a new preset pack for the Korg Monologue, containing 100 patches. They say that the patch collection includes retro & Modern Synths, Basses, Lush Pads, Leads, Arpeggios, Brass, Organs and many more.

A spokesperson told us, "One of our favorite features of the Korg Monologue is the Shape knob. Depending on the waveform used we can get some odd harmonics or just change the pulse width of a square wave. This is a feature we extensively use in this pack We also really like the filter in this one, it always keeps the low end warm."

Pricing and Availability:
Pressure is currently available for $19.99  (Regular price $24.99).

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