VectorX - MKII Prophet VS Instrument On Offer

SynthMagic's new Kontakt-based vector synth      16/11/21

SynthMagic produce a fantastic range of software incarnations of classic synths, often with features to expand the possibilities of the original. They've just released VectorX, a custom MKII Prophet VS instrument, with 4 volumes of Prophet VS samples and over 400 presets in snapshot format included. Here's what they have to say:


Vector X is comprised of 4 volumes which include 4 unique sample collections and 4 sets of snapshots/presets totaling over 400 snapshot presets. The varied multisampled waveforms are all under the control of the custom user interface so you can easily sculpt your own amazing VS sounds.

Vector X's custom user interface allows for quick and easy access to all waveforms, and includes a vector blender slider and vector blender sequencer for hands free mixing of the vectors (see video below), random patch generators, extensive modulation section with MIDI syncable LFO's, a huge amount filter models to choose from, Tremolo's, Arpeggiators, full effects section including reverb system with impulse responses from top hardware reverb units, complete with even more controls for expression and controlling LFOs with aftertouch etc.

Vector X includes the infamous VS Choir and Filmscore sounds. There's also plenty of gritty synth sounds, smooth organs, 5th stacks, analogue waveforms, abstract tones and more, which are all easily auditioned using the custom-built Vector X Waveform Browser. The V-Mix slider on the main synth page allows the user to morph between two loaded Vector X waveforms - with precise control over volume, pan and LFO speeds.

With vector X you have at your disposal a vast collection of Prophet VS sounds that are perfect for: filmscoring, pop music, abstract electronica, ambient it will fit into most forms of music and you can make your own presets to suit your music.

It's normally £45, but is now on offer for an intro price of £25 during intro. Use code VECTO when checking out. More information here:

They also offer some excellent freebies.


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