Avid Announce Two Key Sibelius Updates

US Connects users across platforms, introduces Sibelius for iPhone      28/10/21

Avid Announce Two Key Sibelius Updates

Avid has announced the availability of two new pieces of technology to bolster the lineup of Sibelius products and solutions.

First, Avid is introducing a way to distribute scores to others so they can contribute and work with those scores on their own device. They say that this is great for those needing a score reviewed or arranged, or for teachers to send their students scores with only a few simple clicks.

Second, Sibelius is now available to iPhone users, allowing users to carry their entire library of scores in their pocket.

Here's more details direct from Avid...

Printing and Downloading Scores with Sibelius Cloud Sharing

Sharing music with other people has never been easier. Back in 2017, Avid released a simple and revolutionary way to share music online. With a single click in Sibelius, users are given a score URL to share with others via text, instant message, or a post on social media as well as embed into their own website.

These scores work on any device with a web browser and allow users to play back the score from anywhere.

With the invention of Sibelius for mobile, Avid saw the need for people to be able to connect with others in a whole new way.  Avid is pleased to announce an extension to Sibelius Cloud Sharing to enable recipients of a score URL to download and print the score directly within the score view. They can then work on and arrange the music using Avid's free applications across Windows, Mac, iPad, and now iPhone too.

Sibelius for Mobile--Now Supporting iPhone and iPod Touch Devices

Avid is excited to share the news of their latest Sibelius for mobile release, which for the first time brings the full power of Sibelius for mobile to iPhones and iPod touch devices! That's right, users can now carry Sibelius--and their entire library of Sibelius files--in their pocket. This is not just a file viewer or a cutdown version of Sibelius' new iPad application; this is Avid's full Sibelius for mobile application completely optimized for devices with smaller screens. If you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch running iOS 13.4 or later, you can head over to the App Store right now and check out the application for free.

Completely Dynamic UI, Optimized for Smaller Screens

From top to bottom, left to right, Avid's gone through the entire Sibelius for mobile interface to make sure that everything falls into the perfect place on smaller screens, like the various sized iPhones & iPod Touch devices. Sibelius for mobile looks great in both portrait and landscape orientations, an investment Avid made to support the widest possible range of devices, including those available to today and those that will be available in the future.

If you haven't yet checked out Avid's iPad app, you can find all of the details in their post for that release. If you're already up and running with Sibelius for mobile on an iPad, you can expect, with just a few exceptions, the exact same powerful feature set now available for iOS devices. The exceptions largely stem from the differences between iOS and iPadOS, namely no Pencil support and no multi-tasking. Everything else is there, including our new patent-pending touch gestures! When Avid was reimagining note input for touchscreens, they specifically sought to invent the best possible note input experience that could be performed with one single swipe of the thumb; users will find the note input to be even easier on smaller touchscreens!


If you have an iPad but not an iPhone, don't worry, there are plenty of improvements for you in this release.  One of the first things to check out is Panorama mode, which is accessible via the SHIFT + P keyboard shortcut or via the Panorama command in the Command Search. Panorama mode is perfect for quickly inputting notes without worrying about layout considerations, and it works exactly the same as it does in desktop Sibelius. For advanced users, you can also combine the use of Panorama mode with the "Focus on Staves" command in order to pair down the staves in Panorama view to just a subset of staves.  

Save State

In Avid's initial mobile release, the file's save state was indicated by the filename in the top toolbar (i.e. bold = all changed saved, non-bold = unsaved changes). On smaller screens in portrait orientation, there simply isn't enough room to display the name of the current file, and thus, Avid added an alternative method for indicating save state. In the new Sibelius release, you'll find that the "Back" button styling also indicates when the score has unsaved changes.


In this release, Sibelius is continuing its effort to provide access to the new mobile application in as many languages as possible, and Sibelius is pleased to share that the new version has been translated into Japanese. To run Sibelius for mobile in a language other than the default language set by your device, head to the Settings application, find the Sibelius tab, and then choose the desired language.  

Other Improvements

Like many other types of audio applications, "Sibelius for mobile" will now ignore your device's Silent Mode setting. You'll always be able to hear playback regardless of how you've set the physical (or virtual) toggle. If you'd like to work on a score with no sound, simply turn the volume on the device all the way down.  

Sibelius fixed several issues pertaining to Guitar TAB Note Input, including the ability to enter the initial note with a keypad drag gesture.

Bassoon and contrabassoon samples have been updated for proper playback.

Sibelius for mobile now gracefully handles audio interruptions from other system processes.

And finally, as a long-standing user request: When adding notes (via keyboard shortcuts, the new chord tool, mouse input, etc.) to an existing note that contains articulations, Sibelius no longer removes the existing articulations (unless new articulations have been specified on the keypad).

Pricing and Availability:

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