Jamahook Updated

US New version of the plugin that analyzes your audio and suggests new samples      22/09/21

Jamahook, a plug-in that analyzes your audio and suggests new samples to work with your existing material, has been updated to version 1.6 (AU/VST).

This update sees over 20,000 new samples added to the Jamahook sound library, the ability to favorite samples in the plugin for later use, new sample partners and more. The designers say that you can also now use Jamahook matching algorithm to sound match your favorite songs directly from YouTube or any other audio URL. A spokesperson told us, "On Jamahook's website, simply paste in the URL of a song to search for matches. It's perfect for remixing your favorite songs, or for writing tracks in a similar style."

New features in Jamahook 1.6
•  More than 20,000 new loops added to the Jamahook library
•  Sound match your favorite songs with Jamahook Sound Matcher on our website
•  Favorite samples and search results to save them for later
•  Filter your favorites to find exactly what you're looking for•  New loop providers

Pricing and Availability:
Jamahook (VST/VST3/AU) is available to try as a one month free demo, or on one of three subscription tiers starting from €3.99 per month.

More information:



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