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US Spitfire Audio introduces Originals Media Toolkit      16/09/21

Spitfire Audio has introduced Originals Media Toolkit, which they describe as a versatile and inspiring collection of broadcast-ready composing essentials, from co-founder and award-winning media composer, Paul Thomson. 100% of proceeds from sales of this library will be donated to Blueprint for All, a charity supporting young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in the UK (fka The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust).

This is what Spitfire Audio has to say about it...

This set of broadcast-ready instruments and textures has been meticulously curated and recorded by award-winning media composer and Spitfire Audio co-founder, Paul Thomson (Half of A Yellow Sun, America's Got Talent, The Apprentice). Discover the composer's trade secrets through 24 presets, 21 signals and 6 controls, designed to instantly inspire and add an extra dimension to your music. The product features a broad range of professional instruments, including Paul's beautiful Yamaha grand piano; an intimately recorded marimba; uniquely soft acoustic guitar; analogue synth pads, leads and bass sounds; and an eclectic palette of percussive samples, from detailed hi-hats to scissors, coat hanger and computer keyboards! These sounds have been expertly treated, processed and warped by the composer and the Spitfire Audio team, and presented in Spitfire Audio's award-winning, accessible and affordable plug-in for only £29 / $29 / €29.  

Key features:

  • Available in Spitfire Audio's award-winning, dedicated plug-in
  • 23 presets: Acoustic Instruments (3), Tuned Percussion (2), Synths (3), Household Hits (4), Kitchen Hits (3), High Hits (4), Knocks (5)
  • 21 signals: Each of these presets has its own bespoke set of signals, mixed by Paul Thomson
  • A range of specially curated in-built effects and controls, providing a wealth of complex sonic possibilities to drastically control and manipulate each of the presets -- Expression, Dynamics (which for this product controls the low-pass filter cut-off frequency), two specially curated IR reverbs (Lush Reverb & Plate Reverb), Attack & Release
  • NKS compatible
  • ~2.6GB

Pricing and Availability:
£29 / $29 / 29€

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