Want To Make a 1000 Piece Lego Strat?

US Look no further - Fender and Lego collab      08/09/21

I dont know about you but when I was a kid, Lego was the dominant toy form for the inquisitive mind. I remember making an extremely powerful Lego crossbow involving Lego train track pieces, and a rather excellent trebuchet with a piece of clock spring. 

Things have moved on obviously, Fender have teamed up with Lego to bring you a Fender Strat model in Red or Black, complete with amp, cable and footpedals.
The idea was conceived by LEGO Ideas fan designer Tomáš Letenay,:

Tomáš "turned his teenage dream of owning a Fender Stratocaster into a LEGO creation" - I guess he couldn't afford a replica or the real thing - this seems a little extreme though :-)

Price: $99 / £89.99 / €99.99 /159.99 AUD/ 11980 JPY /Brazil 949.99 BRL / 2399 MXN


Anyhow now you can live the dream - although you obviously can't actually play this guitar IRL

  • Height: 36cm
  • Width: 11cm
  • Depth: 4.069 cm with the whammy bar (3.236 cm without it)
  • 1,074 pieces
  • Features incredible details such as six strings, poseable tuning pegs, a tremolo arm, accompany amp and foot pedal, and a folding stand to display it on


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