Volca Sample Editor

US Momo releases a MIDI editor and controller for the Korg Volca Sample      03/09/21

Momo has released a MIDI Editor and Controller for the Korg Volca Sample. It works with Volca Sample Version 1 and 2 and is available for PC as VST / Standalone 32/64 bit, and for MAC Intel and MAC-M1 as VST / AU / Standalone.

Momo says, "With the Volca Sample Editor you have direct access to all parameters and can save them as a Preset Data File and load them back into the Volca Sample at any time. In the VST version you can record the controller movements and can save it into your DAW Project."

Editor Features:
- The Editor is a simple integration of the Volca sample into your DAW.
- Quick and easy sound changes of all parts.
- Direct access to the sound parameters
- All controllers can be automated.
- X-Y Modulation of all parameters is possible.
- With the „Random" function new sounds can be generated quickly for each Sample Part.
- A sound management.
- Part Presets can be saved. (E.g. TR 909 Bass Drum) Which you can  load into any Part (1-10).
- Part Kit can be saved.(E.g. TR 909 Kit)
- Hidden controller " Sample Start Delay" for Volca Sampler 2 is included.
- Contains 50 Presets.

Pricing and Availability:
6,90€ / $7.90

More information:


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